The Sting S4

Sting S4 Story


Now available as either a factory built Light Sport Microlight via the BMAA or as a “Permit” aircraft via the LAA.

Tuned to perfection. The Sting’s optimal features of the previous Sting Carbon model have been complemented by new innovations for your maximized comfort. We have consulted pilots and have carefully taken into account their recommendations. That is how the unrivaled Sting S4 came into being – predator in the air and a luxurious machine on the ground.

The Sting S4 builds on the experience of the Sting Carbon, a much proven and tested model. The legend, produced in nearly 400 units, has been innovated and improved upon. We have collected more than 10Sunsets_027_copy_fs years of experience with this aircraft, and now we have managed to fine-tune it to perfection. Proven and popular features have all been kept and we have  listened to the pilots and owners of the Sting Carbon aircraft and taken into account all of their valuable feedback. We listened very carefully to our customers. A long and precise developing period followed, and in the end of this thorough process, the new Sting S4 was born. It is an elegant, comfortable, prestigious and beautiful aircraft. At the moment, one of the fastest and best manageable ultralight aircraft on the market.