The Sirius

Focused on comfort.


Now available as either a factory built Light Sport Microlight via the BMAA or as a “Permit” aircraft via the LAA.

Sport flying or long business flights passenger comfort is paramount for the Sirius.

When designing the Sirius, the focus was on bringing you a cockpit that is spacious and modern, providing maximum comfort for the passengers. During your first minutes in the air, the Sirius will easily demonstrate its surprising flying qualities.

Story of the Sirius

TL3000 Sirius G-CIAF Graveley 08-09-2014 Image 1-8523HRBehind the TL 3000 Sirius – the high-wing carbon composite aircraft from TL Ultralight – stands the experience of more than 1000 of its low-wing siblings, the Star and the Sting. We have put all of our acquired experience into it. To this end, ideas of a larger cockpit with ultramodern equipment, unlimited aircraft view and a surprisingly large luggage compartment have been added. We even considered comfort for well-built pilots! This will be especially appreciated during longer business trips. The Sirius has set a new benchmark in comfort and ergonomics. That is why it is the TL-ULTRALIGHT champion in its category. If quality, comfort and style are your priorities, you will want the Sirius…