The All New “Sparker”

The remarkable and unbeatable Sparker was unveiled to the international Media in October 2021 at the TL-Ultralight factory in Hradic Kralove.

First impressions are one of awe at the shear size and elegance of this retractable “wide bodied” side-by side two seater spacious aircraft.

The next impression is one of incredulity because this is classified as a “Sub-600Kg Factory built Microlight” powered by the ubiquitous Rotax 912ULS engine and TL-Ultralight’s own Powermax VPP yet with an Empty Weight conforming to the new Microlight definitions.

The incredulity continues with astonishing performance figures: VNE 181 Kts (IAS) Cruise 162 Kts and a stall speed of just 44 Kts.

Some more numbers: Length 6.63m, cabin width 1250mm, wing-span 9.00 metres and wing area 9.96 m2.

Further tests are required in the Czech Republic before it can be made available in the UK. With a fully equipped Garmin panel and a provisional UK price tag of £185,555 plus Vat, this may be one for the connoisseur but if the price is not an issue, then this aircraft is in a class of its’ own.

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