Stream Pricing

Factory built 600Kg Light Sport Microlight.

Price From £220,000.00 (Plus Vat)

Finance Options Available!

PRICE UPDATE: Due World material supply uncertainties…

ALL prices are now Strictly on Application.
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We now have the 2022 UK price list validation for the all new STREAM aircraft, 600Kg Factory built Light Sport Microlight category subject to rule changes during 2021.

You can see a glorious YouTube video of the stream in flight here:

Standard Equipment Construction and Power Unit

  • Carbon-Kevlar construction with hydraulically controlled retractable undercarriage
  • Tandem seating
  • White paint finish
  • Blue tinted canopy
  • Powered by engine ROTAX 912ULS 100HP
  • Dual ignition, AUX el. Fuel pump, oil thermostat
  • El.2-bladed propeller DuoMax, inflight adjustable, carbon blades with leading edge protection
  • Main fuel tank 97 Litres
  • Two large baggage compartments with doors &
  • Rescue system


  • GARMIN touch display G3x 10´´
  • GARMIN touch display G3x 7´´
  • GARMIN radio GTR 225A (frewuence8.33)
  • GARMIN transponder GTX 35R (ADSB out)
  • GARMIN pitot tube AOA unheated
  • GARMIN autopilot with control panel GMC 507
  • Back up analogue ALT, ASI and vario
  • Fuel gauge and fuel pressure

Interior Equipment

  • Sport style leather seats with electric heating, safety belts
  • Leather interior
  • Electric flaps and trim
  • El. Adjustable pedals during flight
  • Hydraulic brakes for pilot and co-pilot
  • Parking brake
  • 2 turning ventilation windows
  • 2 BOSE headsets with blue tooth

Exterior Equipment

  • LED strobe, position and landing lights in wingtips
  • LED strobe light on the rudder
  • Standard vinyl graphics designs

Upgrade Options

IFR Flight Upgrade

GARMIN GNC 255 Nav/Com radio
VOR antenna on the rudder

£4,254.00- Plus VAT

Safety & Backup Systems

Safety camera for RG undercarriage connected to your G3 system. You can double check if the undercarriage is closed or open

£661.00- Plus VAT

Backup Battery for GARMIN, TCW 6Ah

£432.00- Plus VAT

ELT Kannad integra

£1,093.00 – Plus VAT

FLARM System connected to G3x showing surrounding aircraft equipped with transponder mode S and ADSB

£1,564.00- Plus VAT

Other Available Upgrades

Upgrade to heated AOA pitot tube GARMIN

£108.00- Plus VAT
Upgrade to GARMIN transponder GTX45R (ADSB in & OUT)

£1418.00- Plus VAT
Luxury design graphics with metallic foil

£2,970.00- Plus VAT

Choose Your Standard Color Scheme

Click the link below to experiment with different factory supplied color scheme. The link will take you to the TL Ultralight website color configuration system.

Click here to configure your aircraft colors

Standard Leather Seat Options

You can choose the color of your leather seats. Once again, click the link below which will take you to the TL ultralight site where you can choose the seat colors from Ivory, Juliet, Bravo, Lima and Tango

Click here to to check out the available seat colors