Light Aviation Mag Flight Tests The Sting S4

A Sting in the Tail

Clive Davidson Samples The Slick TL Sting Carbon S4

Pictures by Neil Wilson

Re-Created and Published By kind permission of the Light Aircraft Association

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For once, let’s start in the air. The aircraft’s owner and I are straight-and level in a bright blue sky, with a light wind and a few fair-weather cumuli below. The aircraft is sipping 12 litres per hour in exchange for 98kt, and we’re in a very well-appointed cockpit with comfortable
side-by-side seating, under a large tinted canopy. We’re in G-ZIZY, a carbon-composite TL Sting S4 owned by Richard and Cindy Reeves. Magic!

‘The next generation brings new possibilities,’ claims TL’s advertising, and I’m here to see whether that’s simply another marketing phrase which rolls over your consciousness without making any impression, like water
off a duck’s back, or whether it actually possesses some substance. Cindy and Richard were on the ownership learning curve with four previous aircraft before arriving at the decision to buy the S4. Their first was an X-Air, a high-wing microlight which suited them well until they wanted something faster for more serious touring.


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