Why Buy A Sting S4 Or Sirius Aircraft

Carbon composite construction for superb aerodynamics, longevity and ease of maintenance.


No riveting, composite epoxy work or painting needed – just quick assembly.

Spacious cabins for 2 persons both shoulder and leg space and with excellent touring baggage space.

Superb climb and cruise performance range from 80 -120 knots yet frugal consumption on MOGAS.

Both aircraft have won exceptional praise and “rave” reviews from Test Pilots and users alike.

Both aircraft are manufactured to high standards, meeting or indeed surpassing regulatory airworthiness requirements from the USA, Europe, South Africa and elsewhere with over 1000 Stings flying Worldwide.

Designed and built by one of Europe’s most respected Light Sports Aircraft companies with having been in continuous production and development since 1989.

These aircraft represent excellent value for money. Using modern materials and manufacturing systems they provide class beating performance.

The aircraft are supplied under the Light Aircraft Association “amateur build” rules allowing for ongoing routine maintenance to be carried out by the owner, subject to oversight by a LAA’s Inspector,  rather than all work being required to be undertaken by Certified Engineers with consequent high cost implications.

Ready to fly aircraft occasionally available for sale.

Please contact us should you be interested in a demonstration flight either at the TL-Ultralight factory in the Czech Republic, including a factory tour, or in our own UK based demonstrator aircraft.