The Sting and Sirius are both available with both a glass cockpit or more conventional dial instruments.

Standard fitting of the Sting comes with a choice of the most modern glass cockpit or a more conventional instrument layout.

Based on customer´s preference, we are able to deliver aircraft with cockpit that is either furnished with the analog instruments with modern displays combination or with traditional analog devices only. Wide selection of various radio types, GPSs and many other safety and pilot devices are a given.

The Sting with a conventional instrument layout.


The Sting with a two Dynon D120 instrument layout.



garmin-layoutPilots of larger aircraft know Garmin well. Recently, a new system – the G3X Touch, suitable for use in ultralight aircraft has been introduced by them. That is why one of the best most reliable glass cockpit solutions of the highest quality is being currently offered to you by us. Their very bright high resolution touchscreen displays that are easily readable even in direct sunlight ensure that all necessary data are only few touches away. 3D outside terrain viewing, various mapping options and surrounding traffic information – all of these and more are being delivered to you in the Garmin G3X Touch!