Aircraft Details

Composite construction

sting-s4_forbes_mala The Sting is of conventional low wing monoplane design. The spar and wing skins are made entirely from carbon fibre. The surface finish is superb as can be seen from the photo. The airframe is also very strong and is stressed to +6/-4g.



The Sting has large very effective split flaps running along 80% of the trailing edge. The flaps have two positions 15° for take-off and 30° for landing. This picture clearly shows the flaps set on landing.

Trim system


The Sting has a large trim tab mounted centrally on the elevator and is operated by a lever in the cockpit.



The Sting and the Sirius both have a robust tricycle undercarriage, which is more than strong enough to operate out of typical grass airstrips. All the wheels are faired as standard.

The main legs are made from composite lay-ups and are separately attached to the fuselage. Wheel dimensions are 500×5. The noseleg is attached to the firewall and has a unique combination of oil and moulded spring damping. Like the main wheels it has a 500×5 tyre. Steering is accomplished through the nosewheel using the rudder pedals.



The brakes are independent toe-operated hydraulic disc brakes. Toe brakes may be fitted to both sets of pedals as an option.