About TL Ultralights

In business since 1989

tl-ultralightsHQTL-ULTRALIGHT is the creator and maker of the Sirius and Sting S4. They were established in 1989, and is currently among the leading manufacturers of UL and LSA aircraft.

The aircraft carrying the TL-Ultralight brand are being used worldwide. Every single model is individually engineered and is given delicate attention during the entire manufacturing process.



Very strict quality control processes are main advantage of the TL-ULTRALIGHT production. In addition to the most modern technologies used, it is also good old craftsmanship of experienced and exceptional professionals that comes together to give birth to each aircraft. From conception to the final test-flight, each aircraft, and its individual components are touched by human hands.

TL-Ultralight Vision

Our vision is to provide quality aircraft for different conditions around the world, from sightseeing to business air travel.

Our vision is to ensure safety and comfort, by providing outstanding craftsmanship with the highest industry standards.

Our vision is to offer owners and pilots of the TL-ULTRALIGHT aircraft sense of prestige.

Our vision is to have committed employees and leading experts producing the most advanced light aircraft successful people will enjoy through out the world.